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How about a first kiss ficlet between teen Thor and Loki. (Any rating)

"Loki," Thor sat down beside his brother on the great golden stairs in the red evening sunlight. He wore a thoughtful gaze, which Loki saw seldom nowadays. Thor was as active as any normal adolescent boy would be, especially in matters concerning girls. Loki smirked. He still liked to tease Thor about that one time he had walked in on him and a chamber maid. Unintentionally, of course. Loki, unable to hide his chuckle any longer, looked at Thor.
“Hello brother. I see you’ve finally chosen to find yourself some educated company.” He couldn’t stop the smirk at the sight of Thor thinking. He was so easy to read. Loki turned his pale face back towards the setting sun, closing his eyes and relaxing. Oddly enough he never felt the need to ensure his protection whenever Thor was around. He felt alive, safe and accepted. He relaxed a little more, leaning back on his elbows and forearms. He shot a sideways glance to Thor, then, after realizing that his brother’s eyes still lingered on him, turned his head and answered the gaze.
“You are … you really are beautiful,” Thor murmured, slowly leaning into them. Loki’s pale cheeks turned red. He was used to people telling him about his beauty, but coming from Thor it had a totally different meaning to it.
“Say,” Loki breathed, “have you ever been with another man before?”
Thor shook his head.
“You should.” Loki replied and stared back into the sunset. A strong hand curled around his wrist, Thor’s blue eyed stare heavy weight on him.
Arousing, Loki realized, as he absently licked his lips.
Thor lifted his head, Loki turning his a little, and in the last ray of sunlight they finally met, Thor tasting of sweet honeyed wine and Loki of the bitter vegetables he’d had for dinner. The moment lasted forever, just the faint touch of two shy lips, colliding with the force of moving planets, stilling all live upon them immediately. Loki drew back for a moment, but when Thor’s hand crept up to the back of his neck Loki suddenly fisted his hands into the golden locks and crushed their lips together, Thor’s mouth opening without any protest for tongue to slide against tongue. They forgot about breathing, living and feeding off the energy of two crashing planets merging into one. Uniting after a lifetime of spinning around each other.

A faint spark settled in them when they finally parted to see the first star rise.

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Hi! I was wondering if you could do a sweet drarry? Like with happy, I-just-want-to-hug-the-life-out-of-you-drarry-OMG cute? Thanks:)

Harry’s day was far from nice. It wasn’t even acceptable. Harry would not hesitate to call this day the worst in his entire life (even if he knew that things could go worse). Still, that particular day found Harry in a dark and lonely corner close to the astronomy tower.

People usually wouldn’t see that corner, because it was simply dark and uninteresting. They would move past it quickly, chattering their yaddayadda and usual nonsense.
Of course, on that particular day when things really couldn’t go any worse (except for Tom Riddle returning from the dead), Harry would not be left alone in his dark and lonely corner.
But let me start from the beginning…

… After the magic showdown between Harry and Lord Voldemort, peace and structure had returned to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. And all of the Slytherinstudents who had survived the not so glorious battle.
The tensions between the different houses were worse than ever, and some students were contemplating to leave the school early.
Bullying could be found everywhere. The victims were the heroes of the battle.
Now, Harry, who had been bullied for most of his life, just waited for the bullies to get over with their procedure. He blocked out comments and flying things if they didn’t hurt him too much physically, and even then he would wordlessly wave his wand and some idiot would find himself in a chandelier or herself in a broom cupboard, or vice versa.
Others weren’t that lucky, namely everyone except for Hermione and Ron. He wouldn’t have thought of Luna and Neville to lose it the way they had, running off not even a fortnight after the battle and never seen again ever since. He hoped and prayed for them to be happy everytime he came to the realization that he missed Luna’s attitude and Neville’s rare snarky comments.
Fred and George, who really weren’t Fred and George anymore, but only a sad shadow of who the twin used to be, started to fall more and more silent, hiding away in his candyhouse and building more and more rooms and towers and roofs and windows and inventing more and more and more candy every minute. There were rumors that he had killed himself. Others said that he and his brother used to do less socially acceptable things together, which explained why they had shared a house. It was devastating.
Hermione finished her exams early and returned to beer muggleparents to suck up anything she had to know about the job as a mediator from wizarding world to muggle world and vice versa. Ron had, which was not exactly typical of him, joined Hermione in her early exams and left Great Britain for Transylvania or Hungary, Harry wasn’t quite sure, but wherever it was, it left him alone.
That was devastating, but today he’d seen something far worse.
He’d seen Ginny and her friends from Ravenclaw attack Draco. And not just simply attack, but more like assault and misuse. Harry shivered. This wasn’t right. Ginny was supposed to be gentle and Draco was the asshole.
Harry felt that things were rapidly going down the stream.

He sat in his corner, fighting the urge to wallow in self-pity and do something useful instead, when a pair of arms wrapped around him and a heavy head crashed into his shoulder. Wrecked sobs came from whoever was there at Harry’s shoulder, tears soaking through Harry’s cloak and uniform. Harry managed to turn a little and put his arms around the person, not even caring enough to take a closer look at who this person was.
Soothingly Harry brushed across the back and came to a spot in which the cloak was soaked. Harry lifted his hand and realized it to be covered in blood.
“Hey”, he gently nudged the lightblonde haired guy. “Can I —” Harry swallowed hard at the realization that the person was Draco Malfoy with a hopeless and desperate expression, dead eyes and a tear-stained face “can I look at your back?” Harry was awfully glad to have managed to spit out the words.
“Not here,” Draco said in a broken tone that made Harry flinch. He didn’t exactly like Draco, but only because he didn’t like bullies. Now Draco was the victim and Harry felt incredibly sorry and bad for what he’d done to the proud wizard in past days, how often he had humiliated him in front of basically the whole school and how often he’d rejected him.
“I’m sorry,” Harry suddenly sobbed and crashed into Draco, who had abruptly turned around to look at him. Draco flinched at the sorry sight. Not only that Harry as beating himself up, but so were also the friends who’d left him behind and the people who blamed him for ‘preventable deaths’. Draco pulled Harry into a warm embrace, gently walking over to the nearest broomchamber. He felt lucky that there was no one to see them.
Harry dressed and tended Draco’s wounds carefully, then they sat in the little niche (because it was more like a niche with a door in front of it), enjoying each other’s company. After a while they realized that they had unconsciously moved together a little closer, and both of them froze for a moment when their fingers intertwined. They looked at each other, and then softly began chuckling and grinning.

Later that evening, ten minutes to curfew, Draco bent forward to kiss Harry’s forehead.
“No” the black haired teen insisted. Draco cocked his head questioningly. Harry smirked. Draco bit his lip. Harry gripped Draco’s cloak and pulled him towards himself, pecking the other magician’s lips quickly before b and making a run for the door. Draco was able to catch up with Harry on time nuzzling into his neck and pressing little kisses there. Harry fumbled with the doorknob and managed to slip away from Draco. As soon as Draco stormed out of the little room Harry jumped him from behind, Draco’s arms locking securely around him. They continued this until curfew forced them to go separate ways, but with one last hug and two very last sweet kisses they both parted with a good feeling, knowing that there was someone who cared and who understood.

Harry fell asleep smiling that night. The day could have definitely gone a little worse.

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Shh it’s fine, really \(;///A\\;)/
Thank you for the request!!

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WWII Clintasha AU? :)

"Agent! Answer!" Clint barked into his mouthpiece. There was silence on the other end of the line.
“Shit.” He’d heard about that one woman from Russia who could crush an entire base with ease. What if they’d sent her after him?
He sighed and slid down, back against the wall, until his rear end rested on the thick rubber heels of his boots.
There was a weird crackling noise in his earpiece, then a woman with a very smooth but strangely accentuated English said: “Agent Barton?”
Clint froze, his fingers tightening around the machine gun. He hated that thing. It was awful, heavy, and not good to aim with. Which was more or less the point of the gun. Just to cover up a large area with bullets. He missed his bow and arrow, but they rested safely and soundly in America, waiting for him to return.
“Barton here, to who am I speaking?”
“Hello mister Barton,” the person chuckled. Probably female. He froze with the realization. “This is Black Widow speaking.”
“Romanoff” he whispered, clutching the gun even harder.
“I have no interest in killing your men.” There was a pause, but Clint waited. He didn’t want to give away his feelings to the Russian war machine.
“Put away the gun and wait,” she ordered. “Whatever happens, it’s all under control. You will not die tonight.”
“Yeah. Tomorrow instead, huh?”
She laughed once more, then the connection broke and Clint started to shiver. Should he..?
He couldn’t handle the thing anyway, so he put it to the ground and have it a hard kick. It skidded off into the darkness. Then he waited.

"Thank you. I did not expect you to be this cooperative." Clint bolted into a defensive position, eyes fixed on the extraordinarily beautiful woman who just leaned against the wall, right next to where he had sat.
“Are… are you —”
“The Black Widow, yes.”
“What do you want from me?” There was only little wavering in his voice.
“No need to be afraid,” she laughed and lifted her hands to show that she had come without weapons. “I only need your help. You’re the best long distance sniper in the world.”
“You… Wait. Just to get things straight; the Black Widow needs help?” He cocked his head and lifted a questioning eyebrow.
“As a matter of fact, yes.” Her stare was challenging. And she was beautiful. Wow.
“What,” he swallowed before he dared to continue, “what is the mission about?”
She smiled absently. “I need to find someone, therefore we need to break into a German high-security laboratory.”
“You have got to be kidding me.”
“In Berlin.”
“Oh shit.” He rubbed his forehead, sensing the approaching headache long before it actually would kick in.
“Here, you will need these. Tomorrow, ten minutes past eight at the little church. The belltower is empty. Do you need a ride home?”

She’d brought him his weapons.
She’d driven him home.
She’d given him a mission he’d never forget.
And she’d give him countless restless nights, horrible headaches and a constant string of worries.
Clint knew when he was fucked.

It turned out that both of them liked to be five minutes earlier to dates.

Clint sunk deep into the fluffy Russian hotelbed, impatiently waiting for Natasha, which was how he got to call her, who had promised him to return within twenty minutes. Thirtie had passed so far.
There was a loud knocking at the window, and Clint wasn’t even surprised when he was greeted by Natasha’s cold glare outside the window.
“They do have doors in this hotel” he mused, not even trying to hide his smirk.
He half expected her to make some snippy comment and slap him hard across the face, but she just grinned and took a step towards him.
“You know” she said, slowly brushing imaginary dirt from his uniform “as a Russian I have no need for doors.”
They stared at each other, grinning like fools when there was a loud bang from what Clint assumed to be the lobby.
“What, or rather who, are we rescuing?”
“The Winter Soldier. And we’re not rescuing him — we’re stealing him!” Natasha huffed excitedly. Clint thought she was the most amazing lady he’d ever met in his life.
“Stealing is a crime, Nat.” She chuckled. There were gunshots in the hallways and screaming and hollering in the streets.
“I am a criminal.” He really liked the way her hair shone like fire in the sunlight. Screaming drifted into their room from outside of the open window. “As for you,” she hesitated for a moment, unaware of the beeping outside, “you are mine.”

Their lips crashed in unison with the building outside, flames roaring into the sky such as bombers, probably from the United States. Their hearts thumped faster than usual, high on adrenaline, blood rushing through their veins just like the panicked people who hoped to escape the American jets. They separated for a moment. Outside, the world as going down.

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prompt for steve and bucky post-ws to have angry sex and release all the tension through sex. steve doesn't understand why bucky just won't come with him and bucky doesn't understand why steve can't just let him go. back scratching and hair pulling is welcome. um. RATED E I'M GONNA BURN IN HELL BYE.

It had taken Steve a while to find Bucky, but when he had … it was like returning home, with a little more sex than Steve had expected. And with a little less Bucky for home. For snuggling and cuddling and lazy TV-nights.
Their relationship was nothing like Steve had expected it to be. Their relationship was solely about sex.

Bucky slammed his cock one last time into Steve, who jolted from the unexpected pleasure, and felt his seed spill from him. Steve groaned and fisted himself harder, startling when Bucky grabbed around his waist and gave him a hand. When Steve was hit by his orgasm, his knees gave in and he would have face-planted against the kitchen counter, but for the first time in their relationship Bucky actually caught him and held him steady.
“Whoa,” Steve gasped, clenching his fists around the corners of the counter. Bucky chuckled softly, slowly pulling out of Steve and gently petting his hair one last time before he slid back to where they had dropped their clothes. Sex usually took them once across the whole apartment. An empty apartment that once had belonged to S.H.I.E.L.D. but now stood empty, except for those two hours every other day which Bucky and Steve would spend there to get rid of some of their stress and loneliness.

At least, Steve thought, he had found someone he wouldn’t be afraid to lose too soon.
Yet he ignored, that there was nothing to lose. Bucky was far away, distanced, he wouldn’t even talk, except for the occasional ‘thank you’ or the slight orders when they had sex. But it was all so impersonal, and Steve grew frustrated. If it weren’t for the sex, he’d probably tell Bucky to call someone or find himself another fuckbuddy. But Steve wanted the release, too. Just, after a while, he had to admit that he wanted more.

The door clicked shut softly, and Steve realized that he had again missed the opportunity to ask Bucky about his issues with closeness. Because Steve really wanted.
Later that night he realized, that he was in love with Bucky.

'Sorry im on a mission, not available til 14th' said the message when Bucky opened his phone close to midnight. He felt odd. The 14th?
‘which one’ he sarcastically replied, not expecting the immediate answer. Steve liked to sleep through his nights.
‘july. But i’m home tonight.’
Buckys finger hesitated over the touchscreen where it said ‘answer’. Should he?
Steve was … Steve cared, for all he knew, Steve loved and would give his life. Bucky didn’t even know whether this fucking each other was for real. Or if it was simply a distraction. He’d seen Steve and Agent Romanoff acting as though they were a couple. He’d witnessed Steve and Agent Carter back in nineteenhundredwhateverthirtie our forty, past was past and he didn’t really care. He knew the effect Steve had on the people surrounding him. Steve even had that effect on Bucky. And Bucky couldn’t stop the feeling, that he was just a solution until Steve found someone else.
‘can i crash at your place later?’, he finally typed.
‘Why not. See you in 30’
‘can you top?’ Bucky bit his lip, but it was too late. He’d sent that stupid message. And Steve… Bucky frowned. He was doomed.
‘Haven’t done it in a while’, was Steve’s simple reply. No judgement, just a plain statement. Repetition of facts.
“Well whatever…” Bucky said to himself as he went to grab his car keys.

Steve walked up and down the hallway of his small apartment anxiously. Why would Bucky..?
He bit his lip harder, drawing blood. He hadn’t been this nervous in a while. In a pretty long while, actually. In almost seventy years, to be precise.
Steve realized that he’d never made it to that date.
His thoughts were interrupted by the obnoxiously loud sound of the doorbell ringing, he jumped and raced to open it. There stood Bucky, his hair lazily gathered to a loose pony tail, single strands falling out. His cheeks were covered in red blotches, supposedly from the cold outside. Steve smirked at him shyly and offered him to come in. He couldn’t see Buckys face, but from his posure Steve supposed, that Bucky soaked in the warmth of the apartment.

Bucky relaxed into Steves gentle touch, the firm but still soft grip on his hips and closed his eyes, taking in the scent and the heat, the tension between them firing him up a little more, but still not enough the remove the chill from the cryopreservation from deep inside. Steve’s lips were pressed hot and firmly against his neck, sending shivers down his spine and sending the heat pooling in his groin. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all.
Bucky shamelessly rubbed his ass against Steve’s hardening member, feeling himself grow stiff from the excitement. He knew that the captain was blessed with a rather large cock, and Bucky had a feeling that Steve knew pretty damn well how to use it.

Bucky groaned as his face was pressed against the great livingroom panorama-view window, New York being an illuminated pattern below their feet, with two of Steve’s clever fingers up his ass. Bucky’s achingly hard cock was pressed against the cold window and Steve muttering filthy things into his ear and pulling his hair didn’t make it any better.
“I could turn on the lights, and suddenly they all would see that their super-soldiers are just dirty little sluts,” Steve said, his index finger moving up to touch Bucky’s prostate. “They would all see how desperately you rub your cock against the window and your ass against my crotch, how much you long to feel this,” Steve trailed off, pulling out his fingers with a wet plop and leaving Bucky with nothing but emptiness, only rubbing his member against Bucky’s ass. Bucky stiffened, trying to hide the desperate moan that escaped his throat. Steve pulled him back, fingers fisted tightly into the soft brown hair: “you want this, don’t you?”
“Please —”
Steve spread Bucky’s cheeks carefully, then quickly spreading a little more lube around Bucky’s entrance and then finally on himself before slowly pushing in, careful to never press any further than Bucky could take it.
Damn, he did know how to use that cock, Bucky realized and sucked in a deep breath, his fingers curling against the glass.
“Fuck — Me!,” he hissed and caused Steve to bite down hard into his shoulder. Once his cock was fully sheathed, Steve pulled it back out completely just to slam it back in, Bucky moaning his name. With almost every thrust Steve managed to stimulate Bucky’s prostate, making his knees buckle and his throat burn from all the screaming. This was just so much better…

They ended up having sex through the apartment, finally landing on Steve’s kingsized bed, in which Bucky road him, screaming Steve’s name in ecstasy while scratching bloody marks onto his chest and finally collapsing onto the warm body, not caring about the cock still sheathed in him and passing out from exhaustion.

The next morning Steve awoke to an empty bed, an empty apartment and a lonely and miserable feeling. But he found a note from Bucky, simply saying ‘thank you (-: ‘
Steve frowned, but then flipped the paper. There was something scrawled across the paper, tiny Cyrillic writing Steve wasn’t able to decipher and a ‘good luck’ at the very bottom corner. It seemed pretty unreal how small the writing was, but Steve figured that it had something to do with what happened to him when Bucky had been frozen.
Maybe he’d show the little slip of paper to Natasha. Maybe he’d learn Russian. Maybe he’d simply forget, to save himself the heartbreak.
The last one wasn’t even an option.

'I don't speak Russian' Bucky smirked at Steve's text.
‘you only have to read it’ he replied. His ass was sore, but in a good way. He liked the soreness. It reminded him of the great night at Steve’s apartment.
Whenever he’d close his eyes, he’d feel Steve all over him, pulling his hair, gently scissoring him, slamming his cock into Bucky’s ass, biting his shoulders until he’d draw blood, scratching, kissing, licking, sucking, blowing, massaging, stroking, scraping, nipping.
The sex was great.

Indeed, the sex was great. But Steve still wanted more.

One night he managed to corner Bucky.
“Hey,” he whispered, swallowing hard and gripping Bucky’s hand. Bucky turned around, his expression emotionless and frozen. “What?”
“Stay with me,” Steve said and even if it was pronounced as a demand, it came out as a desperate plea. Bucky froze. This…
Steve was…


"I can’t."


It would be cool, though, if you told me, in case of a relationship story, what rating you’re interested in.
Seriously, i’ll do mostly anything!
AUs are cool, too!

Stucky/Starbucks, Stony, Sciencebros, Clintasha, Thorki
McKirk, Spirk/Spork
GoT (only season 1/a song of ice and fire please)
Wincest, Destiel
Ereri, Eremin, Jeanmarco
Assassin’s Creed

shit i’d basically do anything im cool with most stuff (‘: just ask!

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Spirk - Star Trek

Leave No Soul Behind (258951 words) by whochick
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Summary: If you’re Starfleet, you spend your whole life wishing you never see an EPAS uniform right up until the moment they become your only hope. Whether you’re dying a slow, cold death in space, or a long…

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Tell me they don’t look like a couple in love. I fricking dare you


Tell me they don’t look like a couple in love. I fricking dare you

"you’re a punk"